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House Rules

In order to ensure we all have a mindful stay at BMC, please follow and inform your students about our house-rules:

  1. Smoking is allowed only outside of the property. Smoking on property may be subject to an RMB 500 cleaning fine
  2. Please keep all food and beverages limited to the kitchen and courtyard areas. Food and drinks other than water are strictly prohibited in the Conscious Room
  3. Please leave shoes in the shoe storage area in front of the Conscious Room
  4. Coats, bags and other personal belongings can be placed in the Tea Room or behind the curtain of the Conscious Room
  5. Please put your mobile phones on silent mode and place them inside the “mobile box” or in your bags during class time
  6. Please dispose of tissue and toilet paper into the waste bins of the two restrooms
  7. Be mindful of the fence while on the rooftop, walk backwards while going down the stairs, and climb up and down the stairs one by one
  8. Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts

Personal property is brought into the Beijing Mindfulness Center at the participant’s risk and the Center does not accept liability for any loss or damage whatsoever to such items.

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